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Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

Michael Margolin with daughter Alexa and Jake

Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

Some things take months to develop and then almost out of nowhere, it happens right before our eyes. It is not lost on me that we are so lucky to have happy and healthy children. These accomplishments are not taken for granted.

Along with taking more steps, becoming more vocal and learning various other tricks, Jake has become hungrier. It comes with the territory of a growing person, but also stands out to me as something Alexa did not seem to display overwhelmingly. Jake moves faster to an open refrigerator than anything else. And no matter what we are eating, he wants some, and he is not afraid to let us know. Jake does not screech or scream, but like his old man, his voice can get very loud with minimal effort. Jake has five teeth now, and they are being put to good use.

Alexa is in love with Jake as much as can be. She was so excited for his birthday and to give him his present. Big sister keeps a watchful eye on him too, making sure he does not get into things he is not supposed to. Alexa will be four in a couple of months and is funny and beautiful and so much fun to be with. (Traits she got from her mother.) A while back, we had to flush Alexa's dead betta fish, Goldie, down the toilet. After I confirmed this to Alexa the other day when she asked, she responded with, "Dada, that is sooo gross. It's sooo gross, Dada." Physically or verbally, I never know what is going to happen next.

Michael Margolin is the father of two young children. He is an avid sports fan.



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