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Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

Michael Margolin with daughter Alexa and Jake

Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

A wise mother in my life mentioned that after she had her son, she felt vulnerable.

Not long ago, Jake had a bit of an accident that gave us a scare. Thankfully, he is fine now and will grow up having no recollection of what happened. But, it reminded me of the vulnerability. Feeling helpless as a parent is not a fun place to be. All of our healthy moments do not go unnoticed.

Not long ago, we came across a picture of me when I was about six or seven years old. Enjoli pointed out that Alexa's nose and smile look just about identical to mine in the picture we found.

I told Enjoli I felt humbled that such a beautiful little person looks anything like me. On many occasions, I have mentioned how Alexa is becoming more and more of a little girl. And, before I know it, she will be in elementary school, and I will talk about what a fine young lady she is becoming.

I think about what she will be like when she is eight or 12, or even older. It crosses my mind that having a 12 year old is something I am not ready for. Of course in my mind I will be prepared by the time she gets to be that old.

Perhaps this is one of the clearer indications that as kids grow, parents grow with them. I am not ready now, but I will be when the time comes.

Michael Margolin is the father of two young children. He is an avid sports fan.



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