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Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

Michael Margolin and daughter Alexa.

Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

Our little man also spends a lot of time having things taken away from him or being stopped from going somewhere or getting into something he should not be getting into. Water flows and forms streams and rivers by finding the path of least resistance. Babies can be the same way. Our house is pretty well baby-proofed. But, if there is a cabinet that is not locked or wire that just happens to be in reach, or even one of his sister Alexa's toys that has been left unprotected, Jake will find it.

One of Alexa's favorite new hobbies is to collect roly-polies (pill bugs) and put them in a jar with some leaves. I am not the biggest fan of more bugs in the house, but watching her collect them sure is cute. Alexa continues to enjoy playing dress-up and dancing to her favorite songs – songs I have heard dozens of times and that is not close to the number of times my wife Enjoli has heard them. Often, when we are walking or are anywhere there are plants, Alexa likes to smell the flowers and bring one home to her mom. I have learned plenty from Alexa.

And, realizing that it is important to literally stop and to smell the roses does not ever lose significance.

Michael Margolin is the father of two young children. He is an avid sports fan.



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