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Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

Michael Margolin with daughter Alexa and Jake

Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

My wife, Enjoli, and I have had to explain why we had friends stay with us when the fires started and why they could not stay at home. We had to calm our daughter’s nerves when we could see flames and smoke from our street.

As a family, we had nothing more to deal with than some poor air quality, and I would take that over what so many people are having to deal with. I did not want to scare Alexa with details, but I also did not want to sugar coat a lot of it. Enjoli and I are generally pretty straightforward with Alexa in telling her how dangerous things can be and why it is so important to listen to us so that we can keep her safe. So far, it seems she is handling our explanations fairly well.

The better Alexa is informed, the better it will be to help shape Jake, who is three years younger. He has always been fascinated with what his big sister is doing and since he has become mobile, will follow her around and mimic so many of her actions. If she dances, he dances.

If she sings, he sings. If she screams, he screams. The list goes on.

Watching them sleep side by side and watching them play side by side is a pastime I never get tired of. And, keeping them safe and answering their queries are responsibilities that I cannot ever see tiring of.

Michael Margolin is the father of two young children. He is an avid sports fan.



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