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Dr. Frank Lavac
VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital

What’s Canine Flu?
(Continued from Monthly Columns)

The dog was imported from China into Los Angeles County on March 11, 2017 and diagnosed with H3N2 canine influenza, but was not initially reported to Public Health.
There are approximately 35 dogs involved in the outbreak, most of which have been ill.  All dogs associated with the outbreak are spread over nine locations in L.A. County and have all been placed under quarantine.  To date, there is no evidence of further spread of canine influenza H3N2 within L.A. County beyond the initial cluster. 
Canine influenza H3N2 is a contagious virus that causes a respiratory infection in dogs and occasionally in cats. It was first reported in South Korea in 2007 and has been circulating in Asia. 

With the increase in imported dogs from Asia, the evidence of spread, and the time it will take to trace all the dogs’ potential contacts, Veterinary Public Health recommends that dogs that interact with other dogs should be vaccinated against canine influenza, especially against H3N2.

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