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Diane Margolin


From Me
to You...

One of the many blessings I have is the number of friends I’ve kept over the years.
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From Emma Nutt to Girls Around the World

Girls grow up confidently these days, knowing they can do almost anything and everything boys do. They can scale mountains and become astronauts. They can design machines and become sea captains. And some day, one of them shall become the first female President of the United States. Continued here...

From the East

QinQin Sun Stubis


LisaLisa C. Alexander
Accidental Disinheritance

Statistics say more than half of American adults don’t have a Will. That said, most of us have a pretty good idea of how we would want our estate to be distributed if something happened to us. It’s just that a majority of us have not taken proper steps to be sure our wishes will be carried out. The result can be Accidental Disinheritance. Continued here...

Dealing With Lab’s Arthritis

Q:  Some of my friends have suggested CBD oil for my lab’s arthritis. Is it effective?

A: CBD oil, or Cannabidiol, is a non-hallucinogenic extract from the marijuana plant. There has been a lot of interest in its use in both people and pets. There have been discussions about its use for arthritis, pancreatitis, cystitis, epilepsy, cancer, and anxiety. Continued here...

and Claws

Dr. Frank Lavac

Money Matters

Joshua Bradburn CFP®

5 Tips For Building a Financial Plan

This past summer, one of my clients took a road trip up our legendary California coast, stopping along the way to enjoy the sandy beaches and small towns, wine country and redwood forests. The itinerary was detailed, including hiking trails, restaurants and shops to check out along the way. Continued here...

Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

At 15 months old, my son Jake has a very limited vocabulary. He says, "Up!" very clearly and can begin to sound out some words like ball or book. His go-to word is “ma.” At first I thought he said it when he wanted his mother.

Now, it is evident that he is saying it just to get attention. Attention from anybody who will listen. Continued here...

Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

Michael Margolin

Byte by Byte

Miceala Shocklee
Miceala Shocklee

Solar Sustainability on Sale

With energy costs skyrocketing as society propels itself forward, “green” technology that saves the environment and the utility bill bottom line is an increasingly booming business.

Say “alternative energy,” and most people think of the big and bulky – windmills, solar panel farms, and other corporate-scale constructs. Continued here...





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