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Diane Margolin


From Me
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What fun it is to look for Valentine’s Day gifts for family and friends.
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Can You Tell Yuan (元) from Yuan (缘)?

You may think you don't know Chinese, but there is a good chance that you have come across one word lately while reading about the stock markets' roller-coaster rides in China and around the world. It is the yuan (元), the basic unit of Chinese currency, equivalent to the dollar in our money. Continued here...

From the East

QinQin Sun Stubis


LisaLisa C. Alexander
Who Are Your Heirs?

You’ve heard many times that if you don’t have an estate plan, your assets will go to your heirs. “Heirs” is a legal term that refers to your closest living relatives. But, don’t confuse “close” relatives, the ones you invite to holiday dinners, with “closest” relatives.

You may have a small group of close relatives you know and love, but you may also have many relatives of the other kind, heirs who you may not know and you likely never even heard of. Continued here...

Q:  My five-year-old Lab is very itchy, primarily licking his feet and rubbing his face. He has reactions to steroids. What options do I have to make him more comfortable?

A: Itching of this kind can often be associated with inhaled allergens. You will still need a current exam to evaluate your dog’s complete health status. Identifying the causes of itching can be challenging. Sometimes, a veterinary dermatologist is asked to render an opinion in more complicated cases. Continued here...

and Claws

Dr. Frank Lavac

From a
Mar Vista Mom

Sarah Auerswald

From a Mar Vista Mom

February brings more possible El Niño weather, Valentine’s Day festivities, the annual Academy Awards telecast, and it is also when the Mar Vista Community Council will begin to recruit candidates for the 2016 Board of Directors elections. Continued here...

For several years now there has been speculation that my wife, Enjoli, and I would travel to India to see her grandmother and visit some of the areas around where her father grew up.

The time had finally come and as I write this month’s column, our daughter, Alexa, Enjoli, and I are in our room at the Bangalore Club in Bangalore, India.

The three of us and Enjoli's father boarded a flight out of Los Angeles that lasted about 16 hours. It stopped over in Qatar before landing in Bangalore. Continued here...

Thoughts From a First-Time Father

Michael Margolin

Byte by Byte

Miceala Shocklee
Miceala Shocklee

Your Virtual Valentine’s Day Assistant

By Miceala Shocklee

January may be the month of resolutions, but February is the month of love. At least, that’s the idea behind Valentine’s Day, a holiday that’s usually full of planning, affection, and lots and lots of chocolate. Continued here...




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