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Diane Margolin


From Me
to You...

Have you ever noticed that it takes special skills to be a gracious host or hostess at a party?
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My Riches Are Right Here in My Kitchen

What chemical compound is so important that in ancient times it was used as currency in some parts of the world? What crystalline mineral was once to many people worth more than gold? If you've studied history, you probably know the answer. Continued here...

From the East

QinQin Sun Stubis


LisaLisa C. Alexander
 Living With Your Living Trust 

A California Revocale Living Trust is designed to be revised or amended as life circumstances change, and circumstances are sure to change. Children will be born, grow up, marry, and have children of their own. Friends and relatives named in your documents may pass out of your life or relationships change. Continued here...

My Rabbit’s Appetite Has Changed
 My rabbit stopped eating today and had a decreased number of droppings. Why might this happen?

A: There are many reasons why these set of symptoms might occur. The common ones include malocclusion of the cheek teeth, inappropriate diet, organ dysfunction, and intestinal obstruction. The most common cause of anorexia in rabbits is a syndrome referred to as Gastrointestinal Motility Disorder (GMD). Continued here...

and Claws

Dr. Frank Lavac

From a
Mar Vista Mom

Sarah Auerswald

From a Mar Vista Mom

May is Bike Month, and here in Mar Vista, we’ll be celebrating Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 19. Volunteers from the Mar Vista Chamber and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition will be out on Venice Blvd. to cheer on those who’ve chosen to ride their bikes to work, and handing out coffee and snacks, too! Continued here...

As my daughter, Alexa, will find out during the rest of her life, there is a time for firsts. And, not that this past month carried any real ground-breaking occasions, there were still firsts for her. They included being invited to her first birthday party by a classmate. There was also going to see a movie with mom for the first time. Perhaps the movie being a bigger deal, since in a matter of weeks her status as an only child will expire. Continued here...

Thoughts From a First-Time Father

Michael Margolin

Byte by Byte

Miceala Shocklee
Miceala Shocklee

Quantum: A Discrete Overview

To the average observer, incubation may seem like a simple process. A bird, some eggs, a lot of sitting–doesn’t seem very complicated when you’re watching from outside the nest. Continued here...




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