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Diane Margolin


From Me
to You...

After a wonderful lunch at Shutters on the Beach last month, I decided to write about sweet desserts to try in February.
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The Dawn of Another Chinese New Year: Cock-a-doodle-doo to 2017!

With the arrival of every new solar year comes another Chinese lunar one: Starting at the end of January, it's the Year of the Rooster. So, cock-a-doodle-doo to all my readers, whether or not you were born with feathers! Continued here...

From the East

QinQin Sun Stubis


LisaLisa C. Alexander
Equalizing Children’s Inheritances

It is quite common for parents to help their adult children out with loans and gifts of cash. After a job loss a child may need help with education required to change careers. Or, a child for whatever reason may have accumulated debt that parents might be willing to help pay down. Or, maybe the parents want to help a child buy a house, considering the contribution an advance against the child’s future inheritance. Continued here...

A Sticky Bird Problem

Q:  My cockatiel just got stuck in a glue/sticky trap intended for vermin. She has this sticky glue all over her feathers, face, and beak and she is really stressed. What should I do?

A: While this might seem like a “lightweight” problem initially, it is, in fact, very serious. A bird can struggle extensively for a long period of time, which can put them in shock. Continued here...

and Claws

Dr. Frank Lavac

From a
Mar Vista Mom

Sarah Auerswald

From a Mar Vista Mom

It’s Winter in Mar Vista, and according to the meteorologists, we may finally be getting the rain we’ve been waiting years for. The plants are all very happy, and it may move us closer to the end of the long drought, but of course when the roads are wet, driving can be hazardous, so use caution out there! And, I hope you all have a good raincoat and boots! Continued here...

Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

It is hard to believe that in four months our baby boy Jake will be one year old. It is almost harder to believe that Alexa is going to be four years old this year.

This is partly because time is going by so fast and also because some of the things that come out of her mouth would make one think she is 10 or 12. I think I have mentioned before that arguing with somebody Alexa's age is just about useless. Continued here...

Thoughts From a Second-Time Father

Michael Margolin

Byte by Byte

Miceala Shocklee
Miceala Shocklee

Hashtags, History, and #BlackGirlMagic

Across the United States, February is touted as the month of love, with Valentine’s Day holding a prominent spot in the nation’s consciousness. Love can be found in romance, yes, but this year more than ever it’s important that we, as a nation, remember that love can also be found in friendship, in appreciation, and in support and kindness. Continued here...




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