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As I was driving to pick up my friend, Florence Kinney, to celebrate her 103rd birthday, I passed under a bridge.
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Carrying My Own “Tower of Babel”  

Growing up in the old French Quarter in Shanghai in the ‘60s, I lived amongst people from all over China. They proudly called themselves "Shanghainese," though most were not born and brought up there. I had neighbors speaking various dialects, some so different that they might as well have been foreign languages, and classmates carrying exotic foods in their lunch boxes. Continued here...

From the East

QinQin Sun Stubis


LisaLisa C. Alexander
What Will Be Your Legacy?

What will be your legacy? What a powerful question! It takes planning to ensure your loved ones will be provided for and protected. This is done with a thoughtfully prepared Will or Living Trust.

A common mistake is naming a minor child or grandchild as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account. A minor may not be able to access the inheritance without the expense of a Court supervised guardianship. Continued here...

Q:  My groomer suggests that I have my dog’s anal sacs expressed every month. What are anal sacs and do they need to be expressed?

A: Anal sacs, often incorrectly referred to as anal glands, are normal structures in dogs and cats. They are structures located about 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock around the anus. They are lined by glands that produce a pungent odor. Some dogs and cats will 'leak" some of this smelly material when scared, and it is hypothesized that this warns other animals of impending danger. Continued here...

and Claws

Dr. Frank Lavac

Money Matters

Dr. Ken Waltzer
Don’t Fear the Fed

A common adage among investors is “Don’t fight the Fed.” This implies that the U.S. Federal Reserve has the power to move markets, and you want to be on the right side of their actions or you’ll get trampled. Continued here...

I am not sure if there are documented levels or stages to parenting, but if there are, Enjoli and I have arrived at the next one. The next stage is based almost solely on the look that Alexa gets in her eye when she is deciding on whether or not she can get away with something. The look comes when she is about to drop something while sitting in her highchair, or when she stands on the couch when she knows she should be sitting. Most recently it came when she was starting to climb up the stairs and I asked her not to. Continued here...

Thoughts From a New Father

MikeMichael Margolin

Byte by Byte

Miceala Shocklee
Miceala Shocklee

Unexpected Tech: The Hot Places

Drones have popped up all over the news–and the world–now, and in the last few years. While most people immediately think of drones as agents of the military, and a few people may remember the brief buzz about drones as agents of Amazon.com delivery, only a very select group of people is aware of their role as agents of science. Continued here...

Passing Through the Pico Neighborhood

Spring is in the air and cleaning is in full force in many areas of our lives as we rid ourselves of clutter and embrace a fresh new start.

Early in the morning while the dew is still on the roses and flowers are in bloom, I walk through the neighborhood. As I watch birds fly and singing in the trees, I say to myself "Spring is really here. Let me go window shopping." Continued here...

Neighborhood News

Clara WrightClara Wright




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