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Destination: West L.A.

Destination: West L.A.

By Sarah Auerswald

From a Mar Vista Mom
(Continued from Monthly Columns)

The event takes place on the front lawn of Venice High School, where you can expect to find 100 local businesses, with restaurants and bakeries offering samples of their food. Please visit the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce website for more information, www.MarVistaChamber.com.

The Mar Vista Community Council will host a special event – the first ever “Mar Vista Meetup” – on Sunday, May 21 at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market, from 10 a.m.–1 p.m., located at the corner of Venice and Grand View Blvds. The Meetup will be a chance for Mar Vistans to get to know their neighbors, as well as the local neighborhood associations and organizations that make our community so wonderful. The Community Council will have information about what they do and how people can get involved as well. We hope you’ll join us!

Save the date. The next Mar Vista Art Walk takes place on Thursday, June 1, from 6 p.m.-10 p.m., all along Venice Blvd., between Inglewood and Beethoven, and this time, the theme is games.

As always, this event brings the community together to experience local artists, live music, and terrific food. Not to be missed.

Sarah Auerswald is the First Vice Chair of the Mar Vista
Community Council, the President of the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce, and the Founder of MarVistaMom.com.



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