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DianeDiane Margolin
Publisher of
The Santa Monica Star Newspaper

(Continued from Monthly Columns)

We were told to go home early. That was pretty unusual where I worked.

I always remember Mayor Giuliani assuring his radio listeners that the snow plows were waiting
at the airports, the emergency services were on alert, and if there were older people in the building where we lived, it might be a good idea to check on them. My first response was that is a really good idea. My second was that you would never hear anything like that coming from a mayor in L.A.

When I lived in a U-shaped building on Ocean Avenue during the 1994 earthquake, the first thing all of the neighbors did was to check on each other. The aftermath of the earthquake and the aftershocks afterwards were pretty devastating. We had been cautioned so many times that for the first few days after a disaster, we would be on our own. The emergency services would go to those who needed
serious help first.

The best thing we can do is to be prepared with basic supplies, flashlights, canned or dried foods, a can opener, extra water, first aid supplies, sturdy shoes, medications and eye glasses, several one dollar bills and coins, eating utensils and paper plates, plus special supplies for kids and pets.

I purchased a lantern with a fluorescent light after a very long blackout in Santa Monica. It came in handy when we recently had a blackout on the Westside. I realized then that in most buildings the neighbors tend to stay to themselves during times like these.

If you have a family and/or business, be sure to have an emergency plan. And, with the holidays coming up, perhaps flashlights would make good gifts.



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