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DianeDiane Margolin
Publisher of
The Santa Monica Star Newspaper

(Continued from Monthly Columns)

We mentioned Joy-Catchers and One Voice in this issue. But, if you check on the Santa Monica Chamber website, you will find a long list of non-profits. Call a few to see if you can help out at this busy time.

It was surprising to see Maria Shriver on Facebook interviewing Monsignor Lloyd Torgerson at Saint Monica Catholic Community right before Thanksgiving. He spoke about taking the time to help others, to share the gifts we have. “We can talk together and check in on people,” he explained. “We should treat people with reverence and respect,” he continued. “We should also express our gratitude,” he said. That morning Msgr. Torgerson had texted people he was grateful for in his life. “We need to focus on a positive perspective. Talk to people. Help as best as we can.”

Each Thanksgiving, Saint Monica Church feeds about 1000 guests. Msgr. Torgerson said he often sees the same people at the annual meal every year. He felt we should pay attention to those in need of support. “We’re all the same,” he added. “The world is filled with good people. They don’t always get attention.”

Maria said that she and her children come to serve those who have come for a special Thanksgiving meal. She added that she loves to go to church to listen to the music.

With the changing weather, and how it changes, even within one day, people tend to get catch cold more easily. Be sure to get some chicken soup from Fromin’s and put it in your freezer, just in case. It really helps you get better. We tease about it, but it works!

If you have older family members who need to sort through some of their treasures, contact RebekahGould from Organized Aging at 310-720-1162. This is a challenging job, for sure, and Rebekah has had years of experience in the field.

Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Here’s hoping the coming year will bring many blessings for you all.



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