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DianeDiane Margolin
Publisher of
The Santa Monica Star Newspaper

(Continued from Monthly Columns)

The problem becomes to whom will they give them. Their children usually don’t want the china and crystal which the parents have reassured over the years.

One friend said “I have to clean out my garage, but there are so many memories with the items
I am storing.” My sister-in-law Joyce suggests taking a photo of the things with special memories and then keeping the photos, rather than the items.

It seems to be a continual problem for many of our friends and neighbors. Upward Bound House on Washington and 11th St. is an organization that furnishes transitional housing for homeless people. The residents are able to keep the items in their apartments when they are ready to move on to a new residence and a steady job.

Upward Bound will take clothing, furniture, books, toys, and household items as long as they are in good condition. They are very appreciative of what you donate. You are helping someone get off to a
new start in their life. For more details, please contact Christine Mirasy-Glasco at 310-458-7779, ext. 202 and she will give you directions and specifics for dropping off your donations.

If you know of any other places that take household items, please let us know.

We were so sorry to hear about the passing of Jeff King, a longtime business associate. Our condolences to his family. He had opened so many wonderful restaurants in Santa Monica and other areas in
Southern California.

June is time for celebrations, with dads, grads, and newlyweds.Have a wonderful summer.



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