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DianeDiane Margolin
Publisher of
The Santa Monica Star Newspaper

(Continued from Monthly Columns)

They were Sweet Sixteen, 17th St. Cafe, Cafe Montana, Le Petit Moulin, Mario’s, and TCBY, to name a few. Guess you can tell I’m getting hungry. And, on Wilshhire, there were so many more like Bess Eilers, the Broken Drum, Madame Wu’s, Zucky’s, Polly’s, Callahan’s, The Snack Shop, Wimpy’s, and the Bat Rack.

If you would like to get an idea of what Santa Monica was like so many years ago, discover the Santa Monica History Museum at 1350 7th St., adjacent to the Santa Monica Main Library. There are hundreds of photos of early Santa Monica to view.

Currently, there is an exhibit of Shirley Temple memorabilia. The museum just held a wonderful birthday tea in her honor. The petite sandwiches and tempting desserts were all freshly made by Terri Decker and the board members. They did an incredible job.

The museum, originally created by Louise and Bob Gabriel, has exhibits, entertainment, lectures, special events, classes for children, and more. It’s still surprising to meet people who haven’t been there. Ashley Jackson is the new development and museum manager, and she looks forward to showing you around. This month an exhibit about 70 years of KCRW on the air will be featured.

Do you remember the bed races held on Montana Avenue and Ocean Avenue? What about the marathons run along Ocean Avenue? There are photos of those, and more too, to help remind you what makes Santa Monica such a special community. To find out hours and more details, call 310-395-2290.

Enjoy a happy Memorial Day.



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