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Miceala ShockleeMiceala Shocklee
a graduate of Caltech, is our editorial
assistant and a monthly

Mother’s Day Messaging
(Continued from Monthly Columns)

While telephone calls have long been a recourse, today’s highly mobile population means that long-distance and international calls aren’t always feasible for landlines and cell phone plans. Computers offer email as a way to send a quick message, but what if you want a face-to-face, or at least verbal exchange?

This Mother’s Day, don’t lose connection. If you have a smartphone, consider trying one of these seven apps that support both audio and video calls:

• WhatsApp (iOS and Android) - mobile phone only
• Facetime (iOS) - mobile phone, iPad, and computer
• Skype (iOS and Android) - all devices
• Facebook Messenger (iOS and Android) - all devices
• Google Hangouts (iOS and Android) - all devices
• ooVoo (iOS and Android) - all devices and
• Viber (iOS and Android) - mobile phone only.

Miceala Shocklee, a Caltech graduate, is our editorial assistant and a monthly columnist.



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