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Miceala ShockleeMiceala Shocklee
A Caltech graduate, is our editorial assistant and a monthly columnist.

Disaster Technology
(Continued from Monthly Columns)

• Flashlight - Darkness makes it harder to find your kit, find each other, even find a way out. Store a flashlight in your disaster kit and in easily accessible places around your home, so you’re never caught paralyzed or put in danger by having to navigate in the dark.

• Extra Batteries - Whether it’s for your flashlight, cell phone, laptop, or even your entire home, having an array of back-up batteries and even a generator can help keep you going when neighborhood power cuts out. Consider adding a couple of solar chargers to boost your power potential too.

• Battery-Operated Radio - When cell phone signal fails, radio frequency can still get through. Store a radio in your kit to keep up on the latest emergency status briefings.

• Signal Flare - While some radios can be used to contact others if you find yourself trapped, sometimes radios and cell phones alike can fail. An emergency flare is straight forward to operate and can alert emergency personnel as to your location across a wide array of weather, fog, and smoke conditions.

• Health & Hygiene Tools - Medical technology is a must-have during times of disaster. Whether it’s a low-tech item like an extra vial of ibuprofen and a box of feminine care products, medium-tech items like a set up reserve eyewear and cleaning solution, or a high-tech necessity like a back-up insulin pump, make sure you have your medical necessities tucked away for times when you might not be able to go out and access them. Don’t forget about storing away water and even food. Multiple manufacturers sell long-lasting packaged food items that can be stored for months to years.

For more information on essential items to keep on hand in case of emergency and where you can find them, visit ready.gov.

Miceala Shocklee, a Caltech graduate, is our editorial assistant and a monthly columnist.



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