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Realtor Maurice Jordan Shares Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Coldwell Banker agent Maurice J. Jordan has years of experience helping sellers ready their homes for the market, and he's sharing a few useful tips for making the selling process run more smoothly.

Maurice emphasizes the importance of renovating judiciously. “Adding something like a pool to your home may increase the property's value, but usually not enough to justify the expense," he explained.

Instead of making big changes to your home, think about the basics. Enhance your home's curb appeal by adding plants to the garden, sprucing up the lawn, or washing the property's facade. Believe it or not, small, affordable upgrades can make quite an impact on buyers.

Often it’s photographs of your home that buyers see first, which means it's important to capture flattering snaps that will impress house hunters. Enlisting the assistance of a professional photographer is a wise choice. Similarly, if the house is vacant, you might choose to hire a furniture staging company to give the home a welcoming, livable appearance.

The factor that will make the biggest difference in how long it takes your property to sell is choosing the right agent. An experienced agent, according to Maurice, makes the emotional process of selling a home less painful. They should have strong industry connections, know your neighborhood and the history of your property well, and provide you with options.

Be sure to pick an agent who pays good attention to detail, too. "If your agent isn't looking out for the small stuff, he will probably miss the big stuff," Maurice said.

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