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Rick Caruso Visits the Rotary Club of Santa Monica

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“We’re building assets for multi-generations,” he explained. His goal is to present a collection of “elegant, joyful places that reflect the unique fabric of the communities in which” his customers live. “All of us need and want a sense of community with heart and an unbridled imagination.”

He treats customers as guests and knows that the extra services he provides will make people stay longer and enjoy their shopping experience even more.

Rick feels that the best thing that’s happened to brick and mortar stores is the competition from the Internet. “Amazon is forcing local retailers to be better.

“Stores need to be smaller and carry more items that reflect the demographics of the purchasers
in their area. Department stores need to reinvent themselves,” Rick explained.

He did talk about the new development in the Palisades that is a work in progress. We are looking forward to its opening in 2018.

- D.M.



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