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Skipping Small Talk to Make “Big Talk”

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I began with a video series, where I approached strangers and skipped small talk to ask them the question: "What do you want to do before you die?"

I was surprised when people not only shared with me their deepest desires – but told me many moving life stories as well. A man in a suit told me he wished he’d spent more time with his kids before they went to college. A homeless man told me it's been a while since he last talked to his kids. A young Korean man told me he wished he’d talked to his father again. A young boy said he hopes to one day have kids and raise a family. A woman on the beach told me she wanted to tell someone she loved him.

Some of these conversations with initial strangers turned into friendships I still maintain today. Inspired by my experiences "making Big Talk," I wanted to share what I learned with others. So I edited the footage into a video I posted to YouTube. Within a couple of weeks, the video went viral when the Huffington Post and USA Today wrote about it. I soon received messages from people all over the world, who also wanted to "make Big Talk."

This inspired me to pursue growing Big Talk into far more than a one-time video project. I made myself a promise. I'd work to grow Big Talk into a global movement that helps people create more meaningful connections in their everyday lives. Since then, people have hosted Big Talk events that bring people together all over the world – in Singapore, Trinidad, Germany, Australia, France, India, Japan, and Canada, just to name a few places.

Above is a picture of the "Big Talk Question Card Game" I created. It has 88 questions that help you skip small talk to connect with anyone. People have used them as a party game, as a work icebreaker activity, and in personal therapy and family counseling.

You can order your own deck of the card game on Amazon at www.bit.ly/bigtalkquestioncardgame.

You can also learn more about Big Talk at www.makebigtalk.com.



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