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to The Santa Monica Star:

Ron and Vicki DavisDr. Frank Lavac DVM
VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital

"The Santa Monica Star gives me a great opportunity to both connect wtih and educate pet owners. The Santa Monica Star makes it easy to reach my target audience. Thanks so much for helping us find homes for the Adopt-A-Pet dogs! You can't believe the accolades that you have received at the recent "Much Love Animal Rescue Board meeting."

Lisa C. Alexander,
Jakle & Alexander, LLP

“At a recent community event, a woman introduced herself, saying she has enjoyed reading my monthly columns. I have gained several new clients who contacted me after reading my articles. My articles raise my visibility in the community and I enjoy writing them.”


SusanSusan Gabriel Potter
Bob Gabriel Insurance

“I advertise in The Santa Monica Star because I belong to an active community where our citizens are the Stars! It provides me with local up-to-date news on what is happening in our city.”



Steve Litvack-

“The Santa Monica Star is an uplifting and positive paper. The Star celebrates the good things in our community. I look forward to reading it every month.”

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The Santa Monica Star newspaper is published by Diane Margolin, the creator and publisher of On Montana and The City Scene. Her knowledge and longtime involvement in the community will expose your business to people who will be interested in you and what you do.

The Santa Monica Star is widely distributed at banks, restaurants, medical offices, schools, shops, boutiques, churches, service clubs and many non-profit organizations, wherever people congregate. We have increased our distribution to cover Rancho Park,
Mar Vista, and West Los Angeles. Published monthly, we include feature articles on businesses and local people whom we call our "celebrities," in addition to numerous photographs of community and special events.


• When you advertise in The Santa Monica Star, you will become part of a community resource with a proven track record. You and your business can also be featured through a story or column and a photograph.

• Reach over 10,000 potential customers on the Westside by: Becoming part of our growing advertising network.

• Being written up in interviews/personalized stories to let potential customers learn more about you and your business.

Policies: All copy is subject to publisher approval. All advertising is accepted on a payment in advance basis until credit is established. Commission of 15% of gross should be added by qualified agencies when camera-ready copy is provided.

Short Rates: The advertiser will be short-rated if the amount of space committed is not used as noted in the contract.

Deadlines: Editorial copy and calendar listings should be submitted by the 10th of the month before an event. Advertising information should be submitted by the 20th of the month before publication.

Advertisement file format submission: Provide a high resolution PDF, jgeg or tiff file as an attachments with all fonts embedded. Email to: smstarnewspaper@gmail.com

Note that small copy below 6 pt. can have poor reproduction quality. Options for our graphics department to produce your ad is available, call Diane at 310/393-2707 for further details.



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