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Unique Metal Sculptures Displayed in Honor of Veterans

By Taber Falconer

Los Angeles native Albert Cornejo has been producing incredible works of art for decades right here on the Westside. Completely self-taught, Albert uses metal and found objects to create sculptures that are as moving as they are unique. Ranging in size from tiny to larger than life, his work is inspired by subjects like nature, fantasy, and religion. Continued here...

Josh Bradburn - A Financial Consultant Who Also Knows About Baking

Who knew when Josh Bradburn joined Charles Schwab six years ago that he was a terrific baker as well as a terrific financial consultant? Continued here...

Recalling the Early Days of Santa Monica

By Taber Falconer

A new group is forming in Santa Monica dedicated to giving longtime residents a chance to reminisce together about eras past. We all know that the city has undergone tremendous change over the years, but few of us have been around long enough to have witnessed the Westside's evolution first hand. Continued here...

Providence Saint John’s Health Center Exhibit Focuses on 75 Years of Service

The Santa Monica History Museum staff is excited to display an exhibit of the history of Providence Saint John’s Health Center that will open on Friday, November 17 at the museum on 1350 7th Street. Continued here...




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